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Buyers Representation Agreement

The Buyer representation agreement protects both the Buyer and the Real Estate Representative.

It is a fact that under the law of agency all realtors work in the best interest of the sellers UNLESS a buyer signs a Buyers Representation Agreement and has a realtor working EXCLUSIVELY on their behalf through the whole process. 

You do have a choice you may sign a Customer Service Agreement where the form states that the realtor is NOT working for you and NOT Representing you and is just providing a customer service. Roughly translated as providing fair, honest representation, providing factual information and answers to your questions.

OR you could sign a Buyers Representation Agreement where this form states that you are concidered a client and as such the realtor is working on your behalf during the entire search and transaction. Roughly translated the realtor is bound to you by fiduciary duties, loyalty, obedience, full disclosure, duty of care, skill and due diligence, has a duty to account for all monies and to protect your information. At the same time you are committing to working with that realtor. It is important to remember that the form does not state that you have to buy anything.

Having one realtor fully committed to you provides you with the highest quality of service. I often speak with people who say I worked with a couple of agents for a while but then they stopped getting back to me and when I ask did you sign an Buyers Agreement with any of them the answer is always NO. If you are not fully committed to a realtor how can you expect them to be fully committed to you?  

Buying a home can be tricky and likely the most expensive transaction you will ever make using the services of a realtor is important from start to finish so make sure you are protected in the best way possible. If that perfect homes come on the market the realtor has a duty to send that listing to the buyer under representation agreement first wouldn't you want that to be you?